The history of the FuelPHP framework project, and it's people

What is FuelPHP?

It is a framework for developing web applications in PHP. It was started in late 2010 by Dan Horrigan, then shortly after the team grew to include Phil Sturgeon, Jelmer Schreuder, Harro Verton and Frank de Jonge. In 2013, Steve West joined the team, followed by Márk Sági-Kazár in 2014. The team has decades of PHP experience between them and have all been involved with Open-Source projects such as CodeIgniter, PyroCMS, ExiteCMS and DataMapper ORM to name but a few.

July 31st, 2011 was the date of the 1.0 final release, marking FuelPHP as ready to be used for development of new projects and production sites.


FuelPHP takes a different approach to many frameworks and strives to be community-driven. We've only been going for a little over four years now and already had more than 300 developers commit to the source code or contibuted in the form of pull requests, and even more help us with documentation.

In general we believe that anyone using the framework is in an equal position to spot bugs, fix them and send pull requests for bugs and new features alike. There is no "us vs them" to this community, just a group of developers sharing a tool and collaboratively improving it as we use it more and more.

Lightweight, load what you need and configuration over convention. No automagic here!

The team


Harro Verton


Steve West


Márk Sági-Kazár


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Unfortunately, people move on. We would like to thank these former members of the team, without them FuelPHP wouldn't be what it is today.


Frank de Jonge


Jelmer Schreuder


Phil Sturgeon


Dan Horrigan

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